Wood Proto-fabrics
| Fall 2020
Wood Proto-Fabrics is an investigation of how techniques of textile patterning and the material properties of wood can be used to develop a fabric-like surface.
Research began with a series of experiments that tested how patterns such as darting, flouncing, and pleating would interact with the bending behavior of wood.Through these experimentations, a closed four-sided pleat was decided upon as the foundation for the module because of its connection points.It also had potential for parameterization, namely in the height of each unit and the dimensions of each individual strip.Zip ties formed the initial connection.These connections were reinforced with bolts and threaded with wire to suspend the upper rows.Close view of the structure, where the depth of the surface is more prominent.Above, where the curvature and the wire support are shown more clearly.The structure in its entirety.The structure casting unique shadows under different lighting conditions.